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Commercial Wheelchair Lifts for School Buses

BraunAbility offers several wheelchair lifts for School Bus applications, depending on the platform size and floor-to-ground height. All BraunAbility Wheelchair Lifts are NHTSA-approved and are engineered for long-term reliability and durability.

Century 2 Wheelchair Lift

With dual hydraulic lift arms and a design that has withstood the test of time, the Century 2 Wheelchair Lift offers all of the benefits of a BraunAbility wheelchair lift in a streamlined, economical package.

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Millennium 2 Wheelchair Lift

The Millennium 2 Wheelchair Lift is the true workhorse of the BraunAbility line. Those who appreciate a strong, stable lifting platform and time-tested durability can choose this lift series with confidence. The Millennium 2 offers thoughtful features, such as a hydraulically operated roll-stop.

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Vista 2 Wheelchair Lift

The Vista 2 Wheelchair Lift offers standard BraunAbility safety, quality, reliability, and durability in a unique stacking platform that does not block driver and passenger visibility through the vehicle windows.

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